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On the corner of Park St & Clayton St


We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality service. Here are the people working for you every day to repair your vehicle.

Mike Curry

  • Mike is originally from Pennsylvania but moved to Boston in 1984. Mike has always loved cars and has been working with them since he was 15 years old. Mike has been in business with European Motorsport since 1997. He is a Master ASE technician, a Master Porsche Technician, and he is L1 certified. When Mike isn't at the shop (which isn't very often), you can find him spending quality time with his children and out with his dog Maxx. If you were to ask him what his passion is, he would say fixing cars, but Mike is also a motorcycle/bicycle enthusiast, who also loves to fish and travel. But on the weekends you can find him cruisin' around in his restored '86 BMW 635CSi

Kelley F.

  • Kelley grew up on the south shore, moving recently to the Quincy area. With many years in retail she brings a solid background in attention to detail & customer service as administrative assistant, however most have come to know her as the boss, just ask Mike, he'll tell ya! ;) Her interests include spending time with her 3 yr old daughter, her tea cup chihuahuah Frankie & family. You may also recognize her by her pink hair she has become famous for! She feels if Louis Vuitton made a car she'd buy it but since that hasn't happened yet the Porsche Carrera would work well. In the meantime, she will settle for her Mini Cooper!

Louis S.

  • Louis is our in house detailer who has proven his ability to detail a car is second to none. Louis comes in everyday with a smile on his face and ready to work. Louis is the proud owner of a beautiful Audi S4 Quattro himself, so because of his passion for his own car, he understands the passion others have for theirs, and it shows in his work. When he isn't working here, Louis is working his overnight job, hanging out with his wife and kids or polishing that sweet S4! It's clear that Louis's favorite car is the Audi! Can you blame him??

Maxx the Dog

  • Maxx had his own role here at European Motorsport. He was affectionately known as our shop greeter. You could be sure to get a "lean" out of him if you came through the office door! But it is with great sadness that we report that back on 2/24/16, just 3 days after his 10th birthday, Maxx suffered a major seizure and passed away from heart failure. He wasn't the only one to suffer heart failure. We, his owners, are absolutely heart broken by his loss. He was our Maxxy, our boy. RIP SWEET SKIPPY

Frankie the Dog

  • Frankie is the newest member to the European Motorsport family. Coming in at just 4 months old, weighing just under 2 lbs., he is a sweet addition to the shop Mascot team! His current favorite past times include snuggling with mom Kelley, chillin' in his crate, chasing his tail, and trying not to get in big brother Maxx's way! So far, Frankie loves cruisin' in the car so I'd have to say his favorite would be the Mini his mom drives!

Evan T.

  • Evan T. comes to us all the way from Marshfield (Marsh-Vegas to the locals ;)! Evan has been a member of the EMS team since last spring after what will be forever be affectionately known now as the "winter from hell"! Evan has been a jack of all trades prior to joining the EMS team, doing everything from Aviation school/working on planes to being an educator! But Evan's true home is under the hood of a sweet European car. In his spare time, Evan enjoys his little doggies Charlie and Bacon, traveling, collecting, and K-1 racing! But all those things come second to his sweet baby boy and lovely wife. Evan's favorite ride, hands down, the 1974 BMW 2002tii Turbo! When it comes to education, Evan T. doesn't mess around either. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Amherst in 2005 and followed that up with graduating from National Aviation Academy in 2013. Even with all this knowledge, cars still seem to be his "thing" :)

Mike I.

  • Mike I. left us last spring to return to his home state of Ohio, only to miss us and come home to the Mothership 1 year later! Mike I. may be an Ohio native, but he has the attitude of a Bostonian, so we'll gladly took him back ;) He's been in the automotive industry his whole life and knows how to get it done. He brings with him a strong background in European, American, and Japanese brand cars. He knows his VW's pretty well seeing as he owns one. His spare time is spent riding his bike, hanging out with his roomie, and working out. He also loves hockey but after an injury last year, he decided to hang up the skates. Mike I. graduated from New England Institute of Technology with an Associates Degree in Science with a Minor in the Advanced Automotive Program. Long story short, he knows his stuff :)

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  • reviewicon
    Had trouble with 2013 A4 with 6-speed manual that would barely shift anymore with 36K and thought it need clutch/throw out bearing replaced. After disassembly Mike called and let me know what he thought was really going on was due to dual mass flywheel and unfortunately clutch replacement would not fix the issue. It ended up costing much more than original scope of only clutch kit replacement but thanks to Mike's time spent researching the issue we got it fixed right the first time!

  • reviewicon
    Great great place. Can't say enough about Mike - he calls you back immediately, they don't try to get you to fix things that don't need fixing, they couldn't be nicer - he even remembers my face and my name! The car has been in great shape since I had it fixed up there - also, I've rolled in there with a flat tire and they've replaced the tire on the spot in fifteen minutes. They are just great and you cannot go wrong with the service. I don't think they are expensive at all compared to a dealer and they are far more trustworthy. Let me just say - I have a ten year old plain old Toyota Camry CE and I am getting the best service one can get, so they aren't even snobby about the cars they fix! Use this place if your car needs anything.

  • reviewicon
    First off, I consider myself a car guy, not quite a 'gear-head'; but I love my cars. I don't drive the nicest of Benz's, or the fastest of Porsche's, but my VW is my dream car.. and I drive it, for lack of a better term 'enthusiastically' (spirited). I change fluids, I use good parts, and I take care of it (take care of your things, and your things will take care of you). This means that whenever I need anything handled, I bring it to Mike (Curry). Not only is he a whiz about all that is cars, he is the NICEST guy I've ever worked with.. Sure, the work isn't cheap, but I would pay MORE if I had to, to get the service and quality work that goes into my car, and my time with them. Options are always laid out, prices are always on point, and service is always through the roof.. Recommended? No, I URGE you to bring your car in for service here, get it done right the first time.. so that it won't break down on you in the future. You won't feel 'taken' when you leave here.. I Promise Promise Promise you will love the work they do.

  • reviewicon
    I have been bringing a BMW here for a few years. They do an outstanding job and are happy to explain any work. I feel very confident that I'm getting the real story. There have been times I know they could have told me something needed fixing, but instead they told me I still had life and didn't pressure a fix. They were always right. It's very comforting to feel like you can trust your mechanic. If you have a foreign car give these guys a shot because you won't be disappointed. Mike the owner is a straight shooter and easy going guy. He understands doing a good job equates to a loyal customer. He even has the cars washed before you pick them up. There is definitely a sense of pride in his shop. Basically I know when my car rolls out of this place it is in the best shape it can be.

  • reviewicon
    Finding a trustworthy and fair auto mechanic is a very difficult task. I am happy to have found European Motorsport. Mike, the owner, has taken excellent care of me every since my first visit 4 yrs ago. He will be honest with you regarding any immediate service as well as tell you if things really dont need to be addressed at that moment. I brought my estimate from Herb Chambers of the number of things wrong my with my BMW that NEEDED to be fixed according to them. When I brought the car to EM, Mike put the car up on the lift and pointed out the areas of interest and their status. 2 of the 7 things actually needed repair. He also showed me a brand new part to compare it to the one that was on my car! Talking a customer out of buying a new part? Really!? It could have been a flux capacitor for anyone who doesn't know cars. My car runs perfect and I will continue to send all of my family and friends to Mike. A real class act Plus he washes the car and cleans it up before returning it to the customer.

  • reviewicon
    Fantastic first time experience. Brought in my 2014 Audi S4 for a 10k interval oil change and wheel alignment. Made reservation quick and easy online. Great, prompt email communication (not easy to find these days). Dropped off car in the morning before work, picked it up same day after lunch. Car exterior and interior were also courteously cleaned. I can't imagine I would ever go to a dealership for service ever again.